Whovians…can you handle it? CAN YOU? You could probably fit a whole bologna log or 2 rolls of TP in there.

Bag by: Ivanapepolina



Here’s a little something for all you Whovians out there! Who’mward Bound, my second shirt with TheYetee.com goes on sale May 21st & 22nd!

For only 11 doctors dollars, you can nab this awesome tee! Printed on navy blue, it’s available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and worldwide shipping is available! Head on over to TheYetee.com to check it out! Remember, though— this timey-wimey shirt is only available Monday May 21st, and Tuesday May 22nd!

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Dr. Whoa! RIPT is steppin up their game with videos n sh•t! Whovian’s travel back in time to a time where you had a sh•tload o change in your couch and cough that junk up.