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Homemade plug cover. Ideal if you want kids playing with your plugs.

By: Canal de l’usuari FontFilms

•Geekleetist: Now being from the States (stupid)…& much like the metric system this plug is most confusing. Thank you for the submission!•

Love the •insert descriptive cuss word• outta this!

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Thank you SO much for the submission Dangerousinstincts

By: Kaidan Cosplays / Kiki Aran

Madoka and Homura, lingerie version

Madoka | Homura (tumblr) | by RayeQuinnPhotography

MarsVisions submission to the "As You Wish" Helmet Project in conjunction with Make a Wish Foundation & Lucasfilm Ltd.  Check out for info on how to bid on this helmet. 

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Hearts. Jon E. Allen.
2-color (3-panel) Screenprint. 2012.
Cougar Bright White 100#. 
10”x10”. Edition of 100. 

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Holy sh•t!! Thanks so much for the submission…screenprint!!? YES PLEASE!!!

Mega Man, by Jon E. Allen.
4-color Screenprint.
Cougar Bright White 100#. 
12x18”. Edition of 100. 


Solid Snake - Andy Cortez

•Geekleetist: NERDHO!!! Thank you so much for the submission Andy…following meow!•


Jedi Boob Trick - Yellow Empire Edition by geekchic tees

Ladies, the Force will ALWAYS be with you when you wear this shirt.
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The Lannister Twins

By Robert Hendrickson

•Geekleetist: Thank you for sharing hendricksonart absolutely LOVE your stuff! Queen Cersei lookes like she might be with child!!?•


Empire of the Binary Sun - by Rob Wood
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Spaceballs the Tattoo

Here is a pic of my tattoo. Figured you’d dig it.

Spaceballs the Tattoo

•Geekleetist: HAHA f•cking awesome!! I do get it, and I do get jealous about it. Thanks for the submission!•



Bobes gotta have a day off! 

•Geekleetist: New blog to follow guys!! AND…a pic of me in my unnerwears!•