Fixed. Boy do I feel dumb. Ok a thing I made from that earlier thing I made. #starwars #gamorreanguard #print #tee #society6


Micro X-Wing // by MacLane

The base is made up of 12 modular sections. They can be arranged in any order. This is a nod to the surface detail fabrication for the first movie. There were a few different greeblie blocks that were created and mixed and matched to create the surface of the Death Star.


“So i was looking for some Droids”…so i just finished these for the next art art show at nerdcore! #starwars #nerdcore #nerdy #r2d2 #c3po #droid #droidlife #droids #droidsivebeenlookingfor

•Geekleetist: PRINTS??•


Bringing the Rebel Heat // by ratherchildish. 

HAPPY THIRTY FIVE YEARS STAR WARS! You’ve managed to keep me fueled with awe, inspiration, and the joys of youth well beyond what you, I, or anyone could’ve expected. Incredible that here in 2012 I find myself handing you down to my children. I expect that they will do the same for their children one day as well. Thanks for all the memories. Keep the fire burning.


My Nephew’s Boba Fett Costume // by DBSW

For his birthday this year I got my nephew a Boba Fett helmet and blaster, along with the promise that I would make him a costume to go with them for Halloween. Well, he reminded me a few weeks ago that the deadline was fast approaching so I got to work. Using a sweat suit, a foam sleeping mat, some wire, an old belt, some templates and inspiration from, a plush back pack, a bit of spray paint and a bunch of hot glue; this is what I came up with, I’m rather impressed with how it turned out. It’s a little hard for him to move in it, but you don’t to move much when you look that good. Next year my other nephew wants to be a clone trooper…

Happy Halloween everybody! Be safe and may the Force be with you.