OKAY!! I’ve been working on this one for a minute…think I’m done.

Screen printing next weekish and ready for Summer of 35 MM here in Salt Lake City. Showing at the Tower 7-12-7/14 Poster available for purchase ONLY at the Tower. 


chris at the 2012 Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention.

(photo by Ruby van Bree)

•Geekleetist: Right after he got his neck banged on for 3 hours. Love this cat!•


This bad ass f•cker is all done!

Emilee Dzuik says… “2 day 7 color screen printing binge .. jaws poster available Friday Saturday Sunday 7.29-7.31 at tower theater. limited edition $35. phew. feels good”

Yes it does Emilee…yes it does. 

Salt Lake City, UT! 

•Geekleetist: LOL think anyone can tell that I write that blog?  NAH!!•


Copper Palate Press has a webstore now.

Check’check’ckeck ch’check it out!

Also, this handsome fellow is John Andrews…and he is an amazing artist.

Amazing f•cking shirt by Emilee (I don’t know her last name) of Copper Palate Press SLC. PS…SHE’S STINKIN CUTE.