“Slave Leia Mudflap” for only $10 is almost here! It’s only a day away…

•Geekleetist: that’s 24 hours guys!•

I don’t know if you know this. But Slave Leia and I go way back. My first masturbatory memory.  What!? You guys just won’t admit it!

Art by: Travis Lewis



….started a large Leia piece today!

•Geekleetist: MIKEY!!!•


My Leia metal bikini costume from 2005.

Always said I’d never do this costume, but I’m glad I did because it ended up being a lot of fun to wear.

•Geekleetist: Fantastic as always Kelldar…fantastic•

Love the colorses!

Limited edition Giclée print

BUY: Mark Reihill


Alessandra Torresani as Princess Leia

•Geekleetist: That green screen is BEGGIN for some photoshop•

(via nerdygirllove)

So sorry for the bewbs…but this is Leiamazing!!

Slave Leia boobs boob tattoos, are gonna make me dream. Long, hard and lots!!

Holy f•ck!! This will go perfect on my f•cking FACE!!

Star Wars Tattoo Flash by: The Highest Scoring Loser

DeviantArt || Website

I f•cking want this Leia in Carbonite…almost as much as I wanna go home and crawl into bed!!

Sweet sculpture and a truly original Star Wars idear (now don’t f•cking break my balls kids…maybe it’s not original but it’s original to me) 

By: Spectre Studios


I told myself that this yurr I was gonna broaden my horizons and not love Star Wars so hard.  It’s not working.


Art by: The Flying Hamster


Hey Pretty-Pretty…let’s play. 

I have this great game we can try…