She’s mine! 

Cylon Love by: Kristele Pelland

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God needs to learn about this plan.
By: Villaraco

These 2 portraits by Mechamonkey make me harder than a 12 year old gazing upon his first mammary. Bought & bought…so say we all n sh•t! 

F•ck also…this…



GAAAAAH!! Six just tweeted the above. Love her brunettes!

Apollo looks like he’s 150!

•Geekleetist: What I wouldn’t give to swing with Six.•

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Just when you think your b•ner can’t get any bonery-er THIS!!!


Art by: SinaGrace

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I’ll fly with you ANYWHERE baby!!

PS…Jesus, if you changed your religion just a little to include robot babes…I’s be into it.  Just thought you should know.

Art by: 1977

Dear Toaster, I love Six too.  Is it possible we share or am I gonna have to throw you out an airlock?  Really wanna make things work, I’m not an aggressive human, just well you know…jealous.

Sincerely your possible ally in love…


Art By: Kristele

She’s got a great hunk of stuff on there go peep it!

Six looks a little retarded but that’s cool!  I’ll take retard Six over no Six at all!

The art of:


AND….again…man I gotta meet me a lady.  I’m losin it…I’m goin insane!

I don’t generally post boobies and baby areas…but LOOOOOOOOOOK!!  F•ck!