Everyone already knew, of course, that Wilma and Betty were sex kittens. Qiqo’s masterful alt art just brought it out of them.



this is just all kinds of awesome.

This has to be the hottest chick with a stormtrooper yet. This picture also illustrates my favorite part of tinted lenses. No one can see your eyes.


Does steampunk not make everything better?

I posted Michael Dooney’s steampunk renditions of superheroines recently and here is his equally brilliant steampunk version of Leia.

I don’t know why…but this apron, it makes me hotty and botheredy…

Bunches of great aprons by : Flirty & Fun AKA Shawna



Waiting for Batman (by Timothy Wells)

•Geekleetist: Ladies, I have to thank you form the bottom of my heart for being the nerds you are•

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