"Think" I may have finished my piece of costumer & cosplayer Scotchtrooper lookin sessy as all get out.Purdy stoked with how this turned out. I’ll have it available in S6, Etsy etc…I need a shower, and by shower I mean brush my teeth and apply underarm deodorant .

OOOOOOOOOOH!!! I want yellow suit! Can I have yellow suit?

scotchtrooper replied to your video: I saw this rolling around the tubes yesterday and…

ME TOO. We should totally do a costume version at D*C!!!

Scotchie!! I know, I know…thanks for the pat on my bottom. I needed that.

scotchtrooper replied to your post: Quit showing me all your good times you’re having at SDCC dammit! You don’t wanna see a nerd cry…I promise.

From the looks of it, Dragon*Con has them beat. Let them have their fun, man. Atlanta is still heaven on Earth. ;)