Recommended Reading by robot.robot.ROBOT! available for just £8 at from 11pm GMT 30/11/11

Books are awesome…these especially so:

Secrets of the Incas - Dr.H.Jones

Advanced Spells and Incantations - H.J.Granger

1001 Ghost Stories - Peter Venkman

A Companions Tale - Samwise Gamgee

A Brief History - M.McFly

Look…a video! :)


Zomblite at Ript Apparel.

Woo! Zomblite, my first shirt to be printed at Ript Apparel will be on sale on Thursday, Feb 10th at 12:00AM CST for $10!

The text on the shirt reads…

Survival is about more than just killing Zombies. It’s about being mobile, being prepared and travelling light. Therefore the best weapons are those that have more than one use.

Thus the Zomblite comes highly recommended. Renowned for being practically indestructible the Zomblite is equally at home lighting the way during the darkest hours or destroying the brain of any undead unfortunate enough to cross your path.

*Geekleetist: Another heads up for you kids!! LOOK!*