“Slave Leia Mudflap” for only $10 is almost here! It’s only a day away…

•Geekleetist: that’s 24 hours guys!•


My first time wearing my slave Leia costume - San Diego Comic Con 2005

•Geekleetist: Told ya so!•


Paper Princess Leias!

These are part of Meghan Stratman’s project Nerd Love: 52 Weeks of Paper Fandom.  Click the picture to see other completed pieces including Poison Ivy, the Doctors, Blade Runner, Bioshock, and many more.

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Princess Leias (yes, plural) in a TARDIS with Daleks.


Via glittersweet on DeviantArt

•Geekleetist: AMY! I didn’t know you had a tumblr…follow her nerds (jedi wave) she does not bring the disappoint•


My Leia metal bikini costume from 2005.

Always said I’d never do this costume, but I’m glad I did because it ended up being a lot of fun to wear.

•Geekleetist: Fantastic as always Kelldar…fantastic•


Proclaim your love for your significant other (and Star Wars!) with these Han and Leia rings by spiffingjewelry


My second version of my ceremonial Leia costume.