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Screen printing next weekish and ready for Summer of 35 MM here in Salt Lake City. Showing at the Tower 7-12-7/14 Poster available for purchase ONLY at the Tower. 


Vandroid by Manuel Sanjulian / Blog

I had absolutely no idea what Vandroid was so I listened to THIS, and then I went to the official site HERE. I still have no idea what Vandroid is…, but it’s kinda awesome and most definitely epic. Have fun.

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Last night I watched Maximum Overdrive . What Emelio’s b•tch believes is a comet comes to town spraying green jizz across the sky which in turn begins to control all soda machines, lawn mowers, bridges, electronic knives, machine guns, gas pumps, giant trucks, on and on and on…but for some reason it doesn’t control cars. This is a f•ckin loop hole Emelio shoulda caught…after all he’s a + 4 g•ddamn genius. Great fake blood, demon truck, good swears, AC/DC does the entire soundtrack (which by the way…apparently gets your lady in the mood even during a possible apocalyptic event…I suggest "Sink The Pink"). The only downside…for this being a Horror movie from the 80’s it contains zero nudity.

The poster above is by Travis Bone

Available for purchase…I got one!



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