I posted this rad piece by Scott Scheidly  a few weeks ago. Well now it’s available for purchase. $150 framed and a limited edition of 50



(via Unicorn)

A unicorn in roller skates??? DAVE!!! :D

•Geekleetist: This requires my torso to be within it!•


I’ll just leave this here.

(Submitted by huntingunicorns)

•geekleetist: HOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!!•

I’m a huge fan of this curvy lady embroidery, by Scarlet Tentacle.

In addtion to the embroidery and patterns this Etsy seller has…they have an adult coloring book that I just had to have!


Well, I think it’s cute. 

I’m a boy…what do I know?

By: Geeklicious

Um…F•ck me sideways with a buttered corn cob!! Bobacorn!?

Art by: Line Draw

Visit this Esty page and f•cking pick your poision!! Boba or Vader on either a Uni(my poison) or on jet ski’s(I personally hate outside, sun, dirt and bugs)


Pink Falcon!? What!?

Print made from original water color…is the pinkest, the cutest, and the MINEST!!

Art by: Kelly Newcomer


Yet another example. America you’re doing it wrong. 

Yet another example. America you’re doing it wrong.