Chucky Norris doesn’t laugh. He CHUCKles. Vote on this design in our design gallery:


•Geekleetist: I LOVE THIS!!•


It’s Coffee Time! T-shirt available from Teefury.com on Sunday, July 29 for just $10. 

Please note that the t-shirt does not actually animate. :D

Star Wars Conversation with my 12 year old self.


Here’s a little something for all you Whovians out there! Who’mward Bound, my second shirt with TheYetee.com goes on sale May 21st & 22nd!

For only 11 doctors dollars, you can nab this awesome tee! Printed on navy blue, it’s available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and worldwide shipping is available! Head on over to TheYetee.com to check it out! Remember, though— this timey-wimey shirt is only available Monday May 21st, and Tuesday May 22nd!

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Top Gun/Top Chef parody.

“Your Goose is Cooked, Maverick” T-Shirts & Hoodies by fishbiscuit | RedBubble


•Geekleetist; ALERT: Both a foodie and huge young Val Kilmer fan. Also…R.I.P. Goose•


Kill’em All” by D4N13L

Available now on RedBubble!

•Geekleetist: I’d put babies in all of you to have this tee!•


T-Shirt give-away madness!

To celebrate 900 Facebook likes, 300 Twitter followers, and SKELLINGTOR on TeeFury, I will be giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 shirts to people who like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, Circle me on Google+, follow me on Tumblr (or any of the above), AND use your social powers to spread the word of SKELLINGTOR by sharing the image above! :D

(The draw will take place on Monday, March 26th, my Facebook page. If you win, you’ll have ‘til Friday, March 30th to claim your prize!)

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Xenomorphs” by D4N13L a.k.a. D4N150T0 a.k.a. Daniel Sotomayor

Available February 20th all the way to the 26th, first print EVER on GraphicLab!


Up for voting at tshirtcontest.com to be printed. Stop over and vote if want to make this tee available to purchase.


“This is my Lightsaber” tshirt available in either Vader version or Luke version.

Buy the Vader version here  or Buy the Luke version here