Before you get into your elastic waist band pants do a dance with me one time?

Fingers crossed this gets played tonight…

Olden days gem. Now, get your ass to Lucky 13 & let’s eat fuckin burgers!

New GVSB is pretty good.


Cut-out Vinyl Silouhettes by Tama’s Ka’nya

Some people may cry at the death of these gorgeous vinyl records, but through their dismemberment Tama’s has created a new form for them to enchant viewer’s eyeballs in the way they used to warm the ear holes.

Artist: DeviantArt / Youtube

•Geekleetist: Hipsters scream, nerds squee•

I am listening to Who Charted?

“Sounds like a guy bein serious…but it’s really just stuff that girls think…”

Check-in to Who Charted? on


Cello Wars (Star Wars cello parody)

Holy epic!

•Geekleetist: If I was a lady, I’d let him put his baby in me! (also earlier today seed has been changed to baby mayo FYI ya know if you wanna stay current with the lingo the kids are using these days.•

Holy F•ck : Red Lights

Full of kitties n rad…what’s not to like? Cept the kitties…. :O

This sh•t on repeat this afternoon. I’ll only hit you if you make me mad. And I wanna f•ckin punch everythang!!