Walk the Plank - Kickstarter

MayDay Games let me draw a bunch of pirates for their new game! come check out the kickstarter and make a bunch of poopbird booty jokes


….kind of a warm up to get this day started.

•Geekleetist: MIKEY!!!•


….chris parry touched up my admiral ackbar today!

    (now it’s nap time)

•Geekleetist: One of my best pals on the planet. Doomy doomy Chris Parry…O and Poopbird•

(via sinisterillustration)

YAY! My main man Mikey!! I’ll be touching your bits in 27 days. DRAGON*CON!!!

(via inbetweenthepanels)


Oh man!!  A round of applause for Mike Groves. 

•Geekleetist: Hey Mikey…How did I miss this?•


“the morning after” featuring my great friend and colleague Mike Groves of Poopbird.

i figured it was more appropriate to post this last piece the morning after i posted the other pieces from the 2x2 show. get it? the morning after…. 


(got a full day today)

•Geekleetist: Simon Pegg LOOOOVES Hello Kitty Mike!•


(my 4pm appointment)

•Geekleetist: Wanna see some finished pics Mikey. K?•


…..i’m pretty sure they used this same technique to write the prequels.

•Geekleetist: FACT•


…..we have starting booking for this year’s Friday the 13th event!