Some of your favorites have been SKELETONIZED (new word…pretty sweet no?)

All original Micron and Prismacolor Pens on Bristol Board plus loads more after the jump

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Ororo’s magnificent mohawk look gets a new design in our latest Marvel art nouveau tee!

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Our Marvel art print collection keeps growing, with some of your favorite designs! Now you can purchase poster versions of two of Megan Lara’s most popular art nouveau X-Men heroines; two of our best-selling Fashion Art ladies; and a fantasy/blacklight inspired Galactus & Silver Surfer classic!

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Marvel heroes coin/card case key chains, $5.99, Midtown Comics.

When I swung by Midtown Comics during my NYC trip last month, these adorable Marvel coin/card cases caught my eye. While they aren’t exactly new products per se (they were released in Summer 2010), I really loved the bold look and convenient size of these coin purses. At approximately 2.5” x 4”, they’re the perfect size for train cards, IDs, credit cards, and cash, especially if you’re on the go and don’t feel like lugging around a larger wallet (one of my biggest gripes when traveling or going to a convention).

And of course, there’s also a Spider-Man case in this collection:

Now, if only we can get some similar coin purses featuring Marvel ladies and/or DC characters… GET ON IT, PEOPLE.

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