A study of Sting as Feyd-Rautha from David Lynch’s Dune by [Bill Sienkiewicz].

Scanned from the Bill Sienkiewicz Sketchbook (Fantagraphics Books, 1990)


Dune View-Master gift set :: via flickr.com

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Last night the Australian Costumers Guild had its 15th Costume Ball.  My husband and I decided to make the Harkonnen costumes of characters Feyd and Rabban based on the designs by Bob Ringwood for David Lynch’s 1984 Movie of Dune - because we love the movie and Frank Herbert’s stories.  Believe it or not we made these costumes out of old Dominos Pizza special signs, foam non slip matting, plastic table cloths, a whole swag of glue and paint with bit of leather thrown in.  We certainly jogged some memories of the film.  I reckon Bob Ringwood and David Lynch might be a bit amused :)  I love Bobs costumes and David’s unusual but gripping movies.  

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