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Thought makin some xmas bullish•t would get me in the spirit of things…NOPE!


Two sexy girls, one of them in a wheelchair in a lightsaber duel, when a midget walks in…


•Geekleetist: This gave me the xmas chills…no lie!•

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Peltzer Pet by Nik Holmes

Peltzer Pets accept no responsibility for any cartoon style anarchy resulting from breaking of rules. Breaking of rules may result in damage to furniture/household/body parts. Get this shirt before Midnight (on the 13th) or chaos will ensue. But feel free to get it wet or feed it after midnight. $11 only at THE YETEE!

Pick one up while you can, as they are on sale until 12/13/2011. 

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DIY: Recycle Your Film Canisters into Holiday Lights

Turn all those film canisters you’ve saved up (or pick some up from a local lab) into a string of Holiday lights!

Because it’s just not the Holidays until you’ve added a dose of photo-geek.

Project inspired by Sarah MacFarlane



Godzilla Christmas Tree

Yes, a Christmas tree in the form of Godzilla …

Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree spews smoke, Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall, Tokyo, Japan. (2006)

•Geekleetist: I used to do a series of posts called “Japan You’re doing it Right” THIS!!•

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Steven Anderson brings you the Star Wars hothiday spirit thanks to his new shirt design. On sale at The Yetee for $11 until 11/25!

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Happy Hoth-idays by Steven Anderson (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

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•Geekleetist: BRILLIANT! My boys at the Yetee know what I like•


Cthulhu Cthristmas Sweater 

Sweater available at Archie McPhee for $40 USD. “Cthulhu the malevolent entity, had a very tentacley face, and if you ever saw him, he’d take you to an extra-dimensional place”

FashionablyGeek is giving away a free one-size-fits-most-eldrich-entities sweater to their Facebook, twitter, and Google+ readers, so spread the word if you want a chance to win and if you think you definitely wont be driven mad by feeling this non-euclidean design stretched around your neck.

Sci-Fried Band – Star Wars Christmas

I’ve told you before how hard I hate Xmas…some of you love it!  And now, I know why.

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