I know we have some Ripley/Alien fans out there.

Feast your looking globes on this piece by Castle McQuade. 

11 x 14 and only 35 credits guys!


AHHHH!!! These Kawaii Xenomorph Postcards are just begging to be bought.

By: Coey Kuhn


Jason Edmiston did this up at Be Street Weekend in Paris France this weekend. RETARDED!

One of my fave artists!


Bishop’s Got Milk? by Mick Minogue / Facebook

All this gratuitously milky goodness could be yours if you keep ‘em peeled to Mick’s twitter HERE. An online sale is promised, along with the launch of his brand spanking new website, sometime this week hopefully.

•Geekleetist: AMAZING•

So rad…has all the blood splats n sh•t! Do you think they have a robotics exhibition at the Weyland Circus…cause ya know, I have many interests in the future of robotics. Dude’s gotta find a mate SOMEHOW!

By: Grizzlybrice



Building Better Worlds is todays Teefury shirt by Fanboy30, grab one for yourself and all your Alien fans for only $10. 


New design inspired by John Carpenters ‘The Thing’ - Outpost #31 on sale at Redbubble. 

A collaborative piece by Fanboy30 and Synaptees

Rad n errthang…but this f•cker had better be made of “Unobtanium” to be worth $1250.00…

Skillfully made by: Dans Magic