What if’n Batman were to take on Terminator?

Animated short by: Mitchell Hammond

This is just too good.

 Godzilla 2014 trailer Evangelion Mashup by YouTuber Juan Pereanez

The newest installment of Epic Rap Battles of History has Hitler vs Vader again…but best yet. Not for children do the copious use of the cuss “motherfucker” 

Over at Machinima there’s a little channel called ETC…within that channel is a show called What The Flula
Now the premise of this show is for a  confused German named Flula waking up first thing following day and to describe last week’s Game of Thrones. Then they animate it.  It is beyond fucking hilarious. I watched all of em yesterday twice…balling with laughter. The animation is awesome, Flula is AWESOME…give me moar of this kind of thing PLEASE!




Star Wars Filibuster  by Patton Oswalt animated by Izac Less

Poppin in!

Super duper naughty video. I warned ya. Also, my current favorite thing ever. 

King Fantastic : Why, Where, What.

KITTIES ON THE BEAT! If you hate cats…put your tap shoes on and dance!

By: Corridor Digital

NEW SUGARBOY!!! <3 this Youtube series soooo hard. Watch this sh•t so I can keep watching it. 


Newish Pacific Rim trailer debuted at CES…

I just discovered Sugarboy…do yourself a favor. 

These b•tches know how to snack

Hot Cheetos & Takis : YNRichKids

Via: GeekTrooper


It’s been far too long since we’ve taken the time to check in on Vegan Black Metal Chef it’s like an old friend who stole my girlfriend…don’t worry VBMC I forgive you. 

Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages : Episode 2

Reach arounds for anyone who spies the Bat’leth.

Who likes Spiderman? DJ OZMA & Japan that’s who! Duh!! I don’t love the song, but I do love the content and scatily clad Japanese boys (no homo) I love that Robocake33 sent me this video after noticing I was hooked (and I mean hooked…I’m not lying when I say I watched it 20 x in row last nite) on Gangnam Style  I’m excited to see what Japan has to offer. Send me dem video guys!?