GSPOD (gratuitous self promotion o the day)

New Print: FINALLY…some bewbs some Star Wars. That’s all that rolls around in this head of mine.

"Twi’Let’s Do This" (I name em cause I like bein gay)



This uber nerdy couple did s great job.

You can tell she used the very same super high quality paint that I did when I was doing more of this. It is $50 an ounce.

Eurobeat Kasumi


Oola // by nightwing1975

…because Fridays are for fishnets

•Geekleetist: DEEBS….Dirty is gonna be so stoked!•

In some circles the girl that sends me these leads goes by Anon.  I gotta show my respect and call her by her God givin name.  ANONYMOUS…I hope you have a gold bikini as revealing as this here Sith Twi’Lek cause the picnic I have planned for us on the fairway at Lagoon would drive myself and any other nerd pervert CAAARAZY!!

Art by: Elf Guy…hmmm…go figure…

Not a huge fan of tribal tattoos…but this sh•t is all win all over my face!!

Art by:Steve Argyle and its sweeter than caramel covered baby seed makers.

Blue…the finest of the Twi’lek colors in my opinion finds a baby Rancor!!  I’d love it the hardest and teach it to search for Truffles…them sh•ts are worth BUCKS!