My first print at goes on sale on Friday 1st June at 8am PST. Very excited about this as it’s my first design in this format.

The final print will be 13 x 19 inch, giclee on matte velvet Art paper and limited to 100 prints.

I’d love it if you could help me to promote this one, so if you know any poster-art loving Star Wars fans, please let them know :D

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“…So don’t just dream about applying for the Academy, make it come true!

“Imperial Academy” by adho1982 is now on sale for the next three days until 3rd February for only 7.5£/9€/12$ !

•Geekleetist: I have the perfect bit of skin reserved for this…•

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Now I don’t have any idear how this hasn’t been posted…and if it has. Well •shrugs• I’m late to the game. Ess my dee…

Hands down…my favorite helmet from the saga…the Tie Fighter Pilot!!

Art by: Benjamin Guy

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Kill Count  by Angro Mainyus

Dearest Daniel, 

Let me take a second to e-kiss you totally bromosexually of course. This is super, makes me wanna paint a bow tie like a tie fighter. 



TIE Fighter Stencil // by octokid

*Geekleetist: after this evening…not a a single lite pole in my neighborhood will be Tie-less*