I have mixed feelings about this, but it’s okay because Emma Stone

•GEEKLEETIST: Over 4000 notes and NO ARTIST CRED PEOPLE!!  I don’t understand… These are by the talented artist Keith P. Rein…otherwise known as The P is for Penis.

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•Geekleetist: Dirty Dirty Keith is offering free shipping as well!•


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artwork by me: keith p. rein

thanks for posting my shit, but at least drop my name or link…

sidenote: this is why i starting watermarking my stuff.

•Geekleetist: Yes…f•ckin bullsh•t when no creds are given kids! Keith works hard and deserves at least that…it’s not like he’s f•ckin rich!• 

•Geekleetist HAHAHA!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU DUDES!!!!!!!!!! Already drinkin? Now if you were just laying on a bed of comic books you could compete with the “Geek Girls”•

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