Freddy and Predator are joining forces to haunt your nightmares and get to da choppin! This shirt, by Jorge Garza, is up for sale ($9) Thursday only (10/21/2010) at TeeFury!

Fredator by Jorge Garza / Qetza (Blog) (deviantART) (Twitter)

I’d have sex in this thing…I’d even leave my sock on. 

8bit Boba…toot sweet.  Gonna get my man breasts inside of this thing STAT!


the bushido is strong with this one


My design narrating the history of Lord Vader’s eastern ancestors, Lightkatana Fight, will be available on Thursday, October 7th for only 24 hours on Teefury.  For those curious, the Japanese characters in the scroll translate to “A New Hope”, my personal favorite of the series.

I WILL BE BUYIN THE SH•T OUTTA THIS!!  Ninja>Pirate      Star Wars>everything

Tee Fury kicked/tickled my balls outta the park today with this here saaaweet Star Trek sh•t!!  Red shirts….F•CK YOU!!!

Entitled: Expendable. 

Design by Dave Perillo

Wish there was a sexy Uhura type lady thinger though…she’s my fave…

F•CK!!  Another must buy or there at Tee Fury you got 12 hours buy this sh•t!!  Dalek-D2?  R2-EXTERMINATE?

I finally got my AT-AT shirt!

I know I’m lookin fantastic this mornin…try not to fantasize about my slightly balding, slightly overweight, super sexy ass!  Focus on your work…it’ll make things easier for all of us.