Fixed. Boy do I feel dumb. Ok a thing I made from that earlier thing I made. #starwars #gamorreanguard #print #tee #society6

I did a new thing. Pepsi…you’re my one and only cola girl!

Tees n sh•t too.


Did a new thing

Prints & Tees

Society6 -click this sh•t right here for FREE SHIPPING


Chucky Norris doesn’t laugh. He CHUCKles. Vote on this design in our design gallery:

•Geekleetist: I LOVE THIS!!•


Here’s a little something for all you Whovians out there! Who’mward Bound, my second shirt with goes on sale May 21st & 22nd!

For only 11 doctors dollars, you can nab this awesome tee! Printed on navy blue, it’s available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and worldwide shipping is available! Head on over to to check it out! Remember, though— this timey-wimey shirt is only available Monday May 21st, and Tuesday May 22nd! ||


Kill’em All” by D4N13L

Available now on RedBubble!

•Geekleetist: I’d put babies in all of you to have this tee!•


Xenomorphs” by D4N13L a.k.a. D4N150T0 a.k.a. Daniel Sotomayor

Available February 20th all the way to the 26th, first print EVER on GraphicLab!


If love doesn’t tear us a-pod again, then those jagged Tatooine rock formations will. Hang on!

ATTENTION, Star Wars fans of Tumblr! This amazing design by Reece Ward will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY at; it is the first in a series of five designs celebrating the 3D release of Episode 1 next month, and we’re thrilled to offer these limited edition items as part of our Star Wars category. More to come, but for now, grab “Pod Division” in men’s, women’s or hoodie - you’ve got a little less than seven days left!

Buy “Pod Division” (mens | womens | hoodie) NOW at!

•Geekleetist: 1,2, & 3 don’t exist. But this is brilliant!•


KISSette tape” by D4N13L

24 hours only at ShirtPunch.

•Geekleetist: Godd•mnit Daniel…this is genius•


What are you made of? Jedium, Wookium, Sithium and other Star Wars-inspired element tees/hoodies available now at RedBubble! 

(Enter GEEKALERTS15 at the checkout to shave a cool 15% off your total purchase!)

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