OKAY!! I’ve been working on this one for a minute…think I’m done.

Screen printing next weekish and ready for Summer of 35 MM here in Salt Lake City. Showing at the Tower 7-12-7/14 Poster available for purchase ONLY at the Tower. 


Cameron Bentley’s super f•ckin rad Office Space screen printed poster for Salt Lake Film Society’s Summer of 35MM. You can buy this print as well as any of the others at the Tower Theatre in SLC!

Thath my sssstapler!

•Geekleetist: Killin it Cam, reach arounds!•


This bad ass f•cker is all done!

Emilee Dzuik says… “2 day 7 color screen printing binge .. jaws poster available Friday Saturday Sunday 7.29-7.31 at tower theater. limited edition $35. phew. feels good”

Yes it does Emilee…yes it does. 

Salt Lake City, UT! 

•Geekleetist: LOL think anyone can tell that I write that blog?  NAH!!•


Killer PEE WEE poster made for the SLC Summer of 35mm by Patrick Munger & Sara Rollins

•Geekleetist: All the Posters are available for purchase at the Tower Theatre in SLC, available online after the art opening in some month sometime….they don’t tell me nothin.•