Gremlins by Drew Millward

24” X 36” screen print with Glow in the Dark ink layer, numbered edition of 210. On sale Wednesday, July 10th 2013 via Mondo’s random time twitter announcement HERE.

OKAY!! I’ve been working on this one for a minute…think I’m done.

Screen printing next weekish and ready for Summer of 35 MM here in Salt Lake City. Showing at the Tower 7-12-7/14 Poster available for purchase ONLY at the Tower. 

Fantastic 3 color screen print of the DL-44.

Ya know I’ve always been curious as to why it has a scope…did Han ever camp and snipe fools? Outtakes maybe? I think I’ll write Blastech.


By: AndThankYouForFlying AKA Sean Dove



Ratchet & Clank by CreatureBox / Website

18” X 36” 7 colour, including a Glow in the Dark Layer, screen print. Edition of 300, available HERE

Who’s afraid of the big bad Space Ghost!?

Graham Erwin’s 4 color 18 x 24 inch screen print is rad and cheap as a 2 dollar whore!

Only 10 f•cking bucks! Hand pulled screen print…someone snatch this sh•t.

by: FriendPrices


Finished Copper Palate 2012 Zombie calendar…turned out great right??

Hand pulled screen prints. Measures 11 x 32 $100.00 hollar atchoo boy if you’re interested.

F•ck the Gif isn’t working…CLICK THE PIC!

Finished screen printing my page in Copper Palate’s 2012 zombie calendar.

Amazing f•cking shirt by Emilee (I don’t know her last name) of Copper Palate Press SLC. PS…SHE’S STINKIN CUTE.