Now the hard part. WHICH ONE!! Darth Mary? Rambo Jesus? GAH!! I guess I’ll just toss a coin…

Hand painted and prices vary

By: Matt Dinovo



Waiting for Batman (by Timothy Wells)

•Geekleetist: Ladies, I have to thank you form the bottom of my heart for being the nerds you are•

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Paint by number, crayon colored, Geriatric Bats, n Dick in your mouth Grayson…still together after all these years. True loves.

By: Diego Patino He does some awfully rad sh•t!


Get out of there, Master Chief!  Robin girl wants to be alone with her predator friends

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Get that Halo noise outta the way…All the predators need room to get with Shiny Robin Cleavage Edition!


More of my boy’s art!  Keith P. Rein is the man!

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