Poopbird and I have a Dr. Who/Robocop Mashup on RIPT today!! Just 10 bones! 

Maybe your sick of tees…check out some of the other options! 


There are zillions of t-shirt of the day sites these days…and this is in no way an original idea. The only twist will be I’ma choose my favorite 6 and showcase them shits. (in no particular order)  …again just my opinion.

1: Damn Fine Coffee by Synaptyx (redbubble Society6This is for you fans of Twin Peaks/Starbucks

Favorite Derogatory Comment: 

Cranky much? If that shirt was in Dunkin Donuts colors it would be 20% cooler.” Bitch! If it was Dunkin colors it wouldn’t be a spin on a f•cking Starbucks shirt now would it?

Available today only on TeeFury

2: Olde Odin Pale Ale by HeartJack (redbubble  Society6) Odin is Thor’s pa for those of you that don’t get it.

Favorite Derogatory Comment: 

Huh…there aren’t any…that’s odd, us nerds love hatin on sh•t. I am disappoint. 

Available today only on RIPT

3: Crows Before Hos by Brandon Wilhelm (redbubble Society6Clever pun mashed all up in GoT’s guts.

Favorite Derogatory Comment:

Again…nothing…you haters be slackin

Available today only on ShirtPunchTV

4: The Master Of Horrorby: CupidsArt (deviantARTNow I know that most of you are too young to know who Vincent Price is. It’s ok I can’t be mad atcha for your age but do me a favor…”Dr. Phibes"…watch that sh•t and tell me you don’t have a favorite new horror movie.

Favorite Derogatory Comment: “trying really hard to buy this but your system wont let me ive even opened 2 new accounts but no cant add to cart what the hell?!!!!!!!!!!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA ever internet bro?

Available today only on TeeVillian

5: Shinyby RobGo (redbubbleWe’ve seen the “shiny” designs over and over again…but not with this spin. Well done. 

Favorite Derogatory Comment:


Available on Gimmick Tees

6: Rookies X (also an Y version in red) by: Kari Fry (redbubble Socety6This shirt highlights the noobs on the Pokémon front.

Favorite Derogatory Comment:

The cats at The Yetee are too smart to let y’all comment

Available today only on The Yetee


Your hood-dee got issues!? Now you can fix em yourself! Don’t pay the Chief hard earned credits…DIY baby!

Tees etc available at RIPT today only. 

By: adho1982


Dr. Whoa! RIPT is steppin up their game with videos n sh•t! Whovian’s travel back in time to a time where you had a sh•tload o change in your couch and cough that junk up. 


Only 2 things I like more than girls.

1- Star Wars-DER!

2-BSG, and FYI…I’d kiss the sh•t outta some Cylon gals. They just do it right you know?

Tee available at RIPT today 6/6/11 

Design by : Matt Dearden 


Candy Mountain by Hillary White - Wednesday June 1, 2011

4-color print Available in mens & womens graphic tees, back print hoodies, kids and toddlers size tees, and onesies. Buy today only at riptapparel.com

"One Ring Pop"

I don’t know about you nerds…but this cracks me up. The only problem I see is Gollum would nom this so hard…it’d never make it to Mordor.  Although I’m sure Sam would be a b•tchy baby hobbit about it the WHOLE time.

Available at RIPT Apparel for 13:33:34 (Wednesday May 18, 2011) more increments of time…now less.

If you haven’t seen it,  you’re gonna wanna buy Joebot’s shirt featured on RIPT Apparel today. 

Skinjob or human…we all love that classic cylon sound

F•ckin Ript has done, made my pants tighter…

Lovin the Pink Panthro especially his phallus nunchucks & fair skin.

RIPT 10 bucks


Viper Flight Crew by Deepspacemonkey - Tuesday March 15, 2011

Available in mens & womens graphic tees, back print hoodies, kids and toddlers size tees, and onesies.

Buy today only at riptapparel.com


Tie Fighter” by D4N13L

Available February 27th on RIPT Apparel!!

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•sigh• Everything has become far to real. 

Tumblr is my new sounding board. Let the unfollowing commence.

Also…don’t forget to peep RIPT’s AUTOSKULL and wrenches shirt today…pretty neat.

Today’s tee or there at RIPT.  It f*ckin sweet!!

Art by: Matt Wrightson


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