I have mixed feelings about this, but it’s okay because Emma Stone

•GEEKLEETIST: Over 4000 notes and NO ARTIST CRED PEOPLE!!  I don’t understand… These are by the talented artist Keith P. Rein…otherwise known as The P is for Penis.

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•Geekleetist: RANT-Not to be a butthole but, let’s give the artist his PROPS! Jesus is it so hard? Followers you want em? All you have to do is at least give the artist his/her dues. Promise. F•cking The P is for Penis made this sexy ass sh•t! He makes his living with his art. When you can’t find out who made it or where to buy it…how in the f•ck can he make money?? UGH…still one of my favorites Keith!•

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“the morning after” featuring my great friend and colleague Mike Groves of Poopbird.

i figured it was more appropriate to post this last piece the morning after i posted the other pieces from the 2x2 show. get it? the morning after…. 


artwork by me: keith p. rein

thanks for posting my shit, but at least drop my name or link…

sidenote: this is why i starting watermarking my stuff.

•Geekleetist: Yes…f•ckin bullsh•t when no creds are given kids! Keith works hard and deserves at least that…it’s not like he’s f•ckin rich!• 

RAD! Love seein ThePisForPenis’ art come up on my dash!! 

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I may have posted this before. If so I apologize for the medication I’m on…it makes me forget stuffs!

HAN CHOLO is street as f•ck!! I’ve got it hanging in my bedroom where the “solo” magic happens.  35 bux for 7.4” x 13” print.

Art by: The P is for Penis AKA Keith Rein

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