Hearts. Jon E. Allen.
2-color (3-panel) Screenprint. 2012.
Cougar Bright White 100#. 
10”x10”. Edition of 100. 

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Holy sh•t!! Thanks so much for the submission…screenprint!!? YES PLEASE!!!

Mega Man, by Jon E. Allen.
4-color Screenprint.
Cougar Bright White 100#. 
12x18”. Edition of 100. 


Amazing Star Wars posters by: Jon E. Allen 

Now don’t get me wrong. I love it, love the f•ck out of it, even bought it, well the set. But my question is: Why is there an AT-AT in this Jedi poster? I’ve killed a few brain cells in my f•ckin day NO DOUBT, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t an AT-AT in ROTJ. •steps off soapbox•