Holy F•ck!

Now House Of Tenebris AKA Adrian Prazen has made Star Wars cuffs in the past…but these are a goddamn upgrade!!

And…ony 48 bucks? I have a couple people on my Jesus Vaginal Escape Day list that are gonna get one. 

Available: Store Envy 

Links: Facebook - Etsy

AHHH!! F•ck…didn’t order this in time for it to show up tomorrow. May the 4th Be with You Day…however…I still ordered this sh•t, and HOW! 

From the gal that brought us such sh•t as "I love you", "I know" & Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder 

Buy: Spiffing Jewelry 

Sometimes…I really REALLY wanna be a nerd girl.

Jewelry by: Grotto of Geekery

Yeah…I wear the sh•t outta jewelry, and I f•ckin want this cuff. It’d clash with all the silver but I dont give a dang!

Made by: JezebelCharms