Epic Pukes by Pablo Iranzo

If you’re going to spew, spew into this


Artist: Tumblr / Twitter / Behance


Gollum - by Okan Bulbul

Leeloo by Brian Stelfreeze


Vandroid by Manuel Sanjulian / Blog

I had absolutely no idea what Vandroid was so I listened to THIS, and then I went to the official site HERE. I still have no idea what Vandroid is…, but it’s kinda awesome and most definitely epic. Have fun.

•Geekleetist: I am fascinated•


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(via jvzdesigns)

Dennis Budd you’re speaking my language.  Of all the Trek ladies above I’m going to have to say my favorite is Ezri Dax I LOVE HER!! If I were living in DS9 times I’d totally challenge Worf to battle to the death for her affections.

Dennis has stuff for sale. ETSY personally I’m eyeballing that Quark/Seven/Leeta piece.

Via: benedictusantonius: Dennis’ [deviantart]