Over at Machinima there’s a little channel called ETC…within that channel is a show called What The Flula
Now the premise of this show is for a  confused German named Flula waking up first thing following day and to describe last week’s Game of Thrones. Then they animate it.  It is beyond fucking hilarious. I watched all of em yesterday twice…balling with laughter. The animation is awesome, Flula is AWESOME…give me moar of this kind of thing PLEASE!




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•Geekleetist: What if I win? What will I do with the panties? Have an Indian Giver Contest?•

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Ken Jeong as “Chang”

•Geekleetist: Awesome Chang is AWESOME!! Where can we buy this?•


Top Gun/Top Chef parody.

“Your Goose is Cooked, Maverick” T-Shirts & Hoodies by fishbiscuit | RedBubble


•Geekleetist; ALERT: Both a foodie and huge young Val Kilmer fan. Also…R.I.P. Goose•


One small squeak for mousekind by Perdita00

Now available at Goodjoe - pre-order only $12 

50% of all the profits are going to Glasgow Science Centre which benefits science for kids in Scotland! 


“Gelatinous Cubed Stapler” by midgerock

Office prank with a Dungeons and Dragons twist.


Obvious Slogan #1


•Geekleetist: In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.•


Brilliant! I need to try this…

My coworker Katie has decided to join us for the design challenge…she decided to brang forth her inner nerd. Boss’s design some Harley crap…not the sexy character from Batman.

I’m beside myself with happiness that she spelled Wookiee right. Literally a tear came to my eye. Good wook Katie!