Got some prints and originals in the mail yesterday from quillery.

I might lack the vocabulary to talk about this piece in a way that does it justice, but can we try for a sec? Because I love this piece. The colors, the composition, the personality. Love it. It’s so crisp and subtle. It conveys so much, so economically.

A long time ago, before I’d sold Pacific Rim to anyone, I was perhaps most worried that the humanity of the idea would be lost in the pressures of development and production, that Mako and Raleigh and the rest would eventually vanish in the shadow of the mechs. If you’d have gone back in time to that me and shown him this piece, if you’d have said to me that this is one small fraction of what the movie will inspire, I would’ve burst into tears of joy and relief, knowing that it was all going to be okay.

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Pixel Dreams by MEKAZOO .
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Wonder Woman Cosplay by FairyPorchQueen at Cosplay Island. (Source)


COSPLAY: Maleficent / Disney’s Sleeping Beauty


COSPLAY: Maleficent / Disney’s Sleeping Beauty


I came up with this idea on the way to meet with the guys at Marvel, but didn’t show it to them (for obvious reasons).

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