Let’s Jam by Matt Parsons - July 30th at http://teefury.com

•geekleetist: You guys know you can’t resist this Space Doggy!•


Big Trouble in Little Kanto by Matt Parsons (fanboy30). 

•Geekleetist: Just yesterday I was going to bitch about all the Pokemon shit I’ve been seeing…but I’m going to let this one slide because it rules so hard•

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Focus Your Inner Bat on sale at TheYetee.

•Geekleetist…for as much Pokémon stuff as I’ve seen on Tumblr lately ,I assume some of you Pokémon Trainers are gonna catch this tee. Today only By: Fanboy30 AKA Matthew James Parsons Project


No One Lives Forever by Fanboy30

Available for $11 from The Yetee for 24 hours only.

•Geekleetist: Blade Runner y’all!•

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Battle Kitty’s Might RAWR! A collab between powerpig and fanboy30. Available as t-shirts and hoodies from RedBubble.

•Geekleetist: OH MY F•CK!!•


Yo Gamma Gamma! by Matt Parsons - Sold on July 17th at http://teefury.com http://on.fb.me/NueP5O


New design inspired by John Carpenters ‘The Thing’ - Outpost #31 on sale at Redbubble. 

A collaborative piece by Fanboy30 and Synaptees