#AmazingSpiderMan Final Poster

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mine mine mine mine mine! I called dibs!

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AHHHHH…now I know what I’ll be dreamin of tonight times. Kimber…Stone.

By: DarkoDark



GPOY/HI5 Friday

I know I know!!  It looks shopped and sh•tty style at that!  But what do you want I’m at work…and Emma she’s distractin me!!  Before you start tellin me how rapey this looks let me just tell ya, Emma doesn’t know she loves me…yet…

Thanks to all the new followers, I hope you enjoy!  I say this every week…somebody ask me some f•ckin questions!  It’s fun right?

Here is the bit where I tell you about my faves…follow them.

DBSW-Star Wars

RAMPAGE-Love this man…great cat to interact with and t*tters blog.

MYDIRTYMOUTH-she takes super cute pictures of herself in her hiding spots and creator of Fishnet Friday.

GAMEFREAKS-AWESOME AWESOME guy, his blog ain’t half bad neither!


KIMMI_PAGE-tiniest little Star Wars Geek on the planet

GEEKPR0N-It needs a dash more Pr0n! HA!

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AHHH!!!  My girlfriend totally hates on that Hanna Montana or whoever she is!

My girlfriend is staring into my soul…

I’m staring back…

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AHHHHH!!!  It’s ma girlfriend goin swimmin with her clothes on!

AHHHHH!!!  It’s ma girlfriend goin swimmin with her clothes on!

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