Hey all! You know all those sketches I’ve been doing lately of movie, comic and video game characters? Well, all the sketches are now for sale! That’s right, all the original pen and ink sketches in my fan art gallery are for sale for $20 each! and if you want a high quality color print to go along with it, just tack on an extra $10! What am I, nuts?! YES!

Go look around and email me for availability and payment options at 

You friend forever,



SOLD: Spider-Man & Doc Ock, Robocop, Limp Dick Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mario


Following in the footsteps of my Robocop piece, I include another 80’s R rated movie that my parents wouldn’t have liked me to watch. But how can a 10 year old kid pass on Arnold fighting alien mercenaries? It is impossible. I loved this movie as a kid. Loved it.


Poopy Venom!  This is the first of what will probably be MANY sketches inspired by my new little daughter…she shit all over herself the other day and I mentioned to my wife that Rose was like a poopy venom.  It was funny. Kids poo a lot.

Also…I hope no uber fanboys hate my venom “eyelash” eyes.


Angry Birds will destroy you! 

So, I guess this week is going to be “Derek’s top 5 apps” week. And that’s cool with me! Yesterday was Plants V Zombies obviously, and today is Angry Birds! The punk rock high schooler in me would be disappointed in how mainstream my tastes are and even worse, how freely I admit to it. But I don’t care! Angry Birds is fun and a great pick up and play game for late night insomnia, waiting in line at the DMV and church.


I did a Hellboy drawing yesterday that was SHIT! So I redid it. It’s appropriate that I didn’t like my own take on Hellboy at first, as it mirrors my thoughts on Mike Mignola’s art when I first saw it in an early issue of X-Force.

At 12 years old I felt as though I had been ROBBED after buying the newest issue of X-Force! You see, I had flipped through the first few pages and after my brain gave me the thumbs up on buying the issue when it saw some glorious Rob Liefeld art, I eagerly bought it and rushed home to read some Cable goodness…well, upon bringing the book home found the rest of the interiors had been drawn by some HACK named Mike Mignola!  I was so pissed!  “Even I can draw better than this jerk!” I proclaimed to my friends.  What a disappointment it was…

Obviously I have grown to love Mike’s style and superb storytelling since that fateful day in he pre-Image comics days, but it’s a funny story nonetheless.

Go Hellboy!



To make up for the horribly generic character yesterday, I knew I had to make it up to you guys in a big way. I knew I had to draw one of the most awesome characters to ever be committed to paper, celluloid or the minds of drooling fanboys and girls everywhere.

The decision was simple.

And I feel that my decision was smart.



Comic artist Derek Hunter drew this sweet sweet sh•t!  It’s a pic of me in my underwears (you’ve all seen it) and he drew it comic stylez!  I f•cking love it!! 

I’ll kiss his pink parts…although he claims there’s so much hair his parts are brown.

Derek Hunter

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