DLR4LIFE fits on my knuckles…I almost just got you pregnant when I figured that out.


“I used to have a drug problem, now I make enough money.”
- David Lee Roth

Who gives a sh•t about your drug problems!!  Let’s talk about all your sweet outfits and how much you just plain kickin ass!

The Diamond with the The Donna!  The dreamiesterest!

The Diamond with the The Donna!  The dreamiesterest!


If the planets could align.

If Kurt were into boys.

If David were into boys.

If Dave bought Kurt a drink.

If Kurt accepted Dave’s drink and attempt at foreplay as his shirt hangs 4 buttons open enticingly. If Axel Foley were playing…settin the mood all sorta sexual style.

If they danced the nite away gettin wasted on Diva Daiquiri’s…providing a smooth segway to naughty times.

If David’s eggs accepted Kurt’s seed.

If I were into boys. The result would be the perfect love chylde…DAVID LEE RUSSELL! Get into it!