Cut-out Vinyl Silouhettes by Tama’s Ka’nya

Some people may cry at the death of these gorgeous vinyl records, but through their dismemberment Tama’s has created a new form for them to enchant viewer’s eyeballs in the way they used to warm the ear holes.

Artist: DeviantArt / Youtube

•Geekleetist: Hipsters scream, nerds squee•


I keep getting my tongue caught in the mouth slit, it’s maddening!

Hank Batman hoop up for grabs.

•Geekleetist: She got a camera in my bedroom?•


By: Adamguyhays son of a b•tch has quite a few t.i.t.s. prints 


I’m curious…do you think it’s the trunks (dip em in ranch) or the dudes bodacious bod that is making you ladies swoon? Cause if that’s the case…I ain’t that hairy!

Trunks by: Melissa Poe


I don’t know about the rest of you…but I’ve had many a fantasy about locking loins with Arcee. I’ve heard she got around…even rumors she and Prowl have finally broke up! So any advice on what kind of Cybertronian flowers she likes, maybe some chocolate covered Energon?  I need HELP, I’ve even struck out with a Real Doll.

Screenprinted pillow by: NostalgiaBombStore


Trekmas is on the horizon folks, and what better way to show your love for our Lord & Saviour James Tiberius Kirk than with a new window for your holy church.  Imagine the choir singing hymns beneath this gorgeous illuminated inaccurate window (the NOC stands for N.ew O.ssome C.hurch)

This may be considered fallacy but Sisko is the one true prophet…

By: patriciameehan1


You guys love kitties!! I’ve seen more kitties on tumblr than I’ve seen boobs in a lifetime of surfing pr0n!

By: GeekyPet AKA Alana McCarthy


Who’s afraid of the big bad Space Ghost!?

Graham Erwin’s 4 color 18 x 24 inch screen print is rad and cheap as a 2 dollar whore!

Take your finger and cover up those ratty Reeboks and you have a winner!! Thundercats Tights!! I’m just going to go ahead and let you know…if I saw you in the wylde wearing those tights I’d get down on my knees like a gentlemen and ask to marry you. You’d agree because you’d see the Eye of Thundera speaks through me…my mom tells me I’m super virile too, just like Lion-O. Mom doesn’t lie.

BY: EatMeClothing



AHHHH!! Mustaches scare me. My co-worker is currently rocking a mustache it’s like looking at a hideous creature that belongs in a sideshow. (mostly cause he’s paired it with goateee which is the worst bit of facial hair known to currently exist on this planet or any other) 

Art by: Dr. Frankenwell



The Glasses of Nerdicon!

My 2nd piece for the upcoming Adventure Time show!
Done on a 10 inch hoop.

Leather joker mask for those oh so hilarious escapades in the bedroom. Ladies…match dem nylons to the hair k?

By: LME Masks


YOU F•CKING GET ME THESE SHOESIES RIGHT NOW!! Seriously though…I’ll do slave labor…

By: Brinkadink TONS of hand painted shoes, including some ESS DUB ones guys.


I wish you could say anything 3x and have that item appear in your presence. Emma, Emma, EMMA!!

Nope…doesn’t work. (insert frowny face)

Sandworms of Saturn by: The Gorgonist