So Craft LAke City(Salt Lake City) is one day away. It’s our second Year at the event and we’ll have a strong presence. You’ll see some rad Craft Lake City canvas bags around prolly; yeah thats us! We did that!

We have a lot of Rad stuff for you to buy! Think of your purchases as a donation to awesome local art/artists. Don’t forget to see CPP’s Brian Taylor at the SLUG Booth with designs by The Sri Whipple, Mr. Cameron Bentley and Pennsyltucky Love child Brian Taylor. 

•geekleetist: I’m dying to know what Cameron is printing…looks like IG-88 to me…FINGERS CROSSED•


The full process, color by color…ya know printing is kinda like doin Heroin except way less yucky and far fewer track marks.

Emilee Dzuik has done a fantastic job on her Amy Winehouse tee. Another sweet item available this Saturday at Craft Lake City. SLC. 

Copper PalateTwitter 

The boys n girls hard at work last night making signs, posters, t-shirts. We’re gonna be ready for Craft Lake City! Come on down…buy some sh•t. This Saturday at the Gallivan Center. SLC.


Cameron Bentley’s super f•ckin rad Office Space screen printed poster for Salt Lake Film Society’s Summer of 35MM. You can buy this print as well as any of the others at the Tower Theatre in SLC!

Thath my sssstapler!

•Geekleetist: Killin it Cam, reach arounds!•


We’ve been hard at work makin koozies, cozies, (whatever the f•ck you call em) for SlugMAG! All nighters all week just to keep you kids beers cold!

•Geekleetist: Now I haven’t been in on the printing of these son b•tches…cause ol man Davey gotta get some sleep. But, proud as hell of the guys down at the shop. There are like a million of these little f•ckers•


This bad ass f•cker is all done!

Emilee Dzuik says… “2 day 7 color screen printing binge .. jaws poster available Friday Saturday Sunday 7.29-7.31 at tower theater. limited edition $35. phew. feels good”

Yes it does Emilee…yes it does. 

Salt Lake City, UT! 

•Geekleetist: LOL think anyone can tell that I write that blog?  NAH!!•


Emilee Dzuik has created a super sweet poster for the Salt Lake Film Society summer of 35 mm. Sh•t’s super! These (will) and each of the others created available The Tower.


Copper Palate Press has a webstore now.

Check’check’ckeck ch’check it out!

Also, this handsome fellow is John Andrews…and he is an amazing artist.


Cameron Bently & Sri Whipple have collaborated on some 70 f•cking pieces. Each of them originals, and no 2 are alike. Come on down to Copper tonight for our Mormon Christmas Eve Celebration, and pick up some art. It’s for sale! BYOB, BYOMEATS!

Shorty Shorts REQUIRED. 

  • 160 E. 200 S. Unit B.

(everything will be available online within the week)

Been hanging at a print shop in town called CPP here in the SLC. This is the shop where I’m graciously allowed to use their facilities to print. I love em. Remember the Dwight F•ckin Zombie tee I posted a minute back? NO!? Sh•t…well, here is the link. Sh•t Glows in the dark boys n women. OH cuss…PS…the unicorn shirt. Duh.