See the top 10 Android photo apps!

Turn your Android into your best photo tool + Top 10 Apps

These apps that’ll make your shooting life easier.

  1. Remote Your Cam – Lets you take photos with your DSLR from your phone. Adjust settings + instantly view photos on your phone.
  2. Location Scout – Find filming locations from movies. Makes for cool backdrops.
  3. Golden Hour – Tells you exactly when the golden hour of sunlight will be wherever you may be.
  4. Color Flashlight – Turns your phone into a color flashlight – fun for light painting!
  5. Wuala – Super secure way to access and edit your backed-up photo files from anywhere. Made by LaCie.
  6. Bubble Level – Keeps your camera shooting straight.
  7. PixelPipe – Lets you share your photos on multiple social networks at once.
  8. Photometric – Pick an ISO and an F-stop and get the calculated exposure.
  9. Light Meter – Uses your camera’s light sensor to calculate what your exposure should be for your (D)SLR.
  10. Photography Assistant – Designed to calculate exposures + depth of field distances for SLRs. Also light meters.