I did a Hellboy drawing yesterday that was SHIT! So I redid it. It’s appropriate that I didn’t like my own take on Hellboy at first, as it mirrors my thoughts on Mike Mignola’s art when I first saw it in an early issue of X-Force.

At 12 years old I felt as though I had been ROBBED after buying the newest issue of X-Force! You see, I had flipped through the first few pages and after my brain gave me the thumbs up on buying the issue when it saw some glorious Rob Liefeld art, I eagerly bought it and rushed home to read some Cable goodness…well, upon bringing the book home found the rest of the interiors had been drawn by some HACK named Mike Mignola!  I was so pissed!  “Even I can draw better than this jerk!” I proclaimed to my friends.  What a disappointment it was…

Obviously I have grown to love Mike’s style and superb storytelling since that fateful day in he pre-Image comics days, but it’s a funny story nonetheless.

Go Hellboy!