"Happy Snowman’s Iced Tea" available on on March 5th!!

•Geekleetist• Now as much Frozen bidness as I see on here. I know y’all don’t wanna miss this tee on Teefury today. 11 dollars…you can find that much in the couch cushions.

Supra cute, hand made, one of a kind, Tiki Ornaments (dibs on Preds or Stripe)

By: ChuckleTree



Little ankle Spock I did this morning. (at STR Body Modifications)

•Geekleetist• I absolutely ADORE Gooneytoons…if you’re not following him…in my opinion your missing one of the raddest tattooers in the game!

LOL at Porkins tho! 


Happy Ash Wednesday! “Sacrelicious” by Harebrained. Get the Shirt-$11!

•Geekleetist• OH MY DOG!! I need this. And how.

(via shirtistnetwork)


They Live prints

•Geekleetist• GAH Gorgeous! 

Many of you have asked that I post this item for sale. PLEASE understand…that’s the only reason it’s posted. I in no way wish to capitalize on the loss of such a great man.  I’m still truly saddened by his passing. If you’d like to purchase please visit my Society6 page. Use this link if you’d like FREE SHIPPING.

The store now with shower curtains!! 68 bux and available at Society6

What if’n Batman were to take on Terminator?

Animated short by: Mitchell Hammond


"They see me huttin’ " by Peter Kramer

Available: Society6

I did a lil mash up today. White Club available on all the things at Society6

We lost a great one today. Made in Egon’s honor. 

This is just too good.

 Godzilla 2014 trailer Evangelion Mashup by YouTuber Juan Pereanez