New thing: This is what happens when you ask me to be a part of a “wolf” themed arty show. Thanks to Urbnpop for asking me to do this. 

Available - Society6


Hey guys. I could really use your help in signal boosting this.

I’ve been seeing this sweater being shared around, and being sold at various sites online. This is my artwork and I never authorized the production or selling of these sweaters. I have been trying to track down all of the sites that sell it to get them to remove and stop selling the item, but I’m afraid it’s spread to a point where it is difficult to control.

Here are a few of the sites I found still selling them, though I did send them Copyright Infringement notices, so hopefully they won’t be up for long:



They are all from China, I think, so it has been hard tracking down the original manufacturer.

Please don’t buy or promote these sweaters. If you can spread the word, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in shirts and sweaters with my work on it, you can head over to my RedBubble. I have the Catvengers, Purrlock Holmes, Supurrnatural, among others on there. :3

Thanks so much!

Jenny Parks

Share for the artist…if not that…for the KITTIES!

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“Want to Build a Snowman?” by Mike Handy

On sale today (June 25th) for $11 at TEEFURY. 24 Hours Only!


NOW AVAILABLE - Rich Kelly’s “Keymaster,” the newest print from our 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters collection.

Little late since it’s summer…but Chewbacca-Coats are now available at Wal-Mart! 

By: Yannick Bouchard



Fanime was a blast - thank you to everyone who was kind enough to approach me. You truly made my con!

Here’s a quick recap, complete with photos muuuuch better than the original one I posted from my garage.



The roommates did Disney women, so obviously I fit in perfectly.


Also, I took…

Why, this car could be systematic,
hydromatic, ultramatic
Why, it could be ghost lightning
(Ghost lightning)

By: Charicreatures


Now the hard part. WHICH ONE!! Darth Mary? Rambo Jesus? GAH!! I guess I’ll just toss a coin…

Hand painted and prices vary

By: Matt Dinovo


Deeze nerd lamps get my juices movin. Dibs on the Dredd one…sorry guys!



The title slipped out today like Paris Hilton’s vagina…

Pretty sure I never wanted a custom Munny more in my entire life!!

By: A. Tomic


I know…I know…when will we get tired of AOT and GC. The answer is NEVER!!

By: Mandy Kit Martin

ETSY ONLY $6.51 Weird…but CHEEP!

The future of paw enforcement 

By: Elan Harris